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Sequoia 5.7 Engine Used OEM Price

The Sequoia uses the 5.7L V8 engine in the Toyota family. This full-size SUV was first produced in the year 2001. As a 5-door model, both 2WD and 4WD compatible motors have been installed. With Toyota manufacturing facilities in the United States, locating a Sequoia 5.7 engine used is a little simpler for consumers. Using this Got Engines website, a good condition 8-cylinder block an be purchased cheaply.

The decision was made in the year 2008 to revise the 4.7-liter VVT block for the Sequoia. After several years of production, the 3UR-FE block has remained the primary installation inside Toyota sport utility vehicles. Someone just beginning to search on the Internet for a used condition motor should validate compatibility with the 5 and 6-speed automatic gearbox. This is an essential part of selecting correct 5.7L edition.

381 Horsepower Flex Fuel V8

Toyota creates vehicles that are usually ahead of their time when it comes to technologies. The improvement from 282 horsepower to the now 381 was something that has been positive for owners of the Toyota Sequoia brand. The revised block is now supplied in a standard and a flex fuel option for SUVs that use the 3UR-FE motor. Someone comparing retailers for a Sequoia engine replacement cost should verify the dual fuel option.

The builds that are discounted and listed for sale at this website are inventory that has been professionally acquired. Unlike a retailer that sources inventory from low grade affiliates, the Got Engines company ensures that any Toyota Sequoia used motor is supplied only through trusted agencies that include dismantling companies or salvage yards.

3UR-FE Motors With a Warranty

The regular Toyota warranty period is 100,000 or 7 years of ownership. In the preowned engines industry, the powertrain warranties of automotive companies are usually already lapsed. For a person who will buy a replacement, it is sometimes necessary to pay for additional coverage to extend the lifespan of parts. Every build that is marketed on this portal already includes a coverage plan that is supported for 24 months.

By way of an automated system, the used 5.7L Toyota engines for sale that are marketed here are priced individually. No stock numbers, engine codes or types of data other than the actual year of production are required to be submitted. The inventory is already in place and ready to ship. The price verification feature displays what the full price is for every V8 block available. This is an intelligent way to shop on the Internet for a second hand SUV engine that has a low count of miles.