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Toyota Highlander 3.5L Engine Used

Highlander SUVs have used the 3.5L V6 engine since the year 2007 for all builds in the United States. Toyota has marketed its crossover vehicles perfectly to consumers who seek out well-built front-mounted motor vehicles. The K platform has proven to be a winner and is currently supported in more than one country. Got Engines sells used Toyota Highlander 3.5L engine inventory at a discount price on this web portal.

The secret behind the power of the 3.5 is the 2GR-FE block. The version installed inside of the Highlander is not the same turbo model used in the Aurion or Lotus vehicles. The trusted 6-cylinder platform featuring VVTi technology was selected by Toyota to boost the 3.5 up to 280 horsepower. The real trick to buying a Toyota Highlander engine is getting one with the least amount of block mileage that is possible.

3.5L V6 24-Valve Toyota Motor

The regular mounting on the 3.5 is a transverse setup. Toyota modified the block to make it easy for all-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive applications to be available. There are a total of 24 valves that are found on the die cast aluminum Toyota Highlander 3.5L V6. The continued technology is based on the 1GR block series that was introduced before the creation of the SUV fleet.

The Toyota 2GR engine is one that has not received too many complaints from owners since its inception. While there have been a few reported issues, there are no major problems that have been detected in diagnostics at dealerships. When someone tries to find a used condition unit for sale, obtaining a build without its share of problems could be an issue that is encountered.

2GRFE Engine for Sale Online

When a vehicle mechanic or SUV owner seeks out a motor dealer, what can be found is more than preowned inventory sellers. While Got Engines does not support rebuilt or remanufactured Toyota engines, there are sellers that do in the USA market. The easy price structures that are being promoted on this website truly make it error-free to buy a used SUV engine on the Internet. The V6 assemblies that are in stock from valid Toyota distributors are all in good shape.

A person who will restore or drop in a 3.5-liter V6 motor can find price data using the tools supported on this page. The use of better web technologies has helped to enable a simpler method of comparing dealer pricing in real time. All price information that is procured on this website is accurate at the time of distribution. A person can use a VIN number or just the model year to begin the process. If data cannot be sourced here, a quick call to the customer support department can identify the current selling price of a used Highlander SUV engine.