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General specifications of the Buick Century

Before undergoing any kind of changes, the vehicle Buick Century simply came up with a more long system having front wheel driving. It came up with some more extra features such as turn signals, grilles, holds, and also the airbags so as to make sure the driver’s proper safety, the body colored strips were added, suspension system, and also the side moldings.

Buick Century was offering 2 trim levels. One was the custom and the other was the posh Limited. Both were having a 160 horsepower engine, which were having a 3.1 L V6 engine. This engine has 12 valves. It was able to deliver a power of 175 horsepower at the rate of 5200 rotations per minute. With having access to and used engines, we are sure to have the Buick engine you need.

There was a 4 speed automatic transmission included. Both the models were having the rear and the front seats like a bench, which gives the Buick Century full a capacity of 6 passengers. It previously used to hold a V6 engine, which had an engine coolant, which guaranteed to be lasted, for around 5 years. Its fuel economy was rated 5 out of 10, as it was not so much good. It used to consume a lot more fuel as compared to other vehicles in its class.

This vehicle mostly appeals to those people, who are much more leaned to those bench seats, which are old fashioned and also very good looking. It was also a very good means of transport, because it was having a much greater capacity so as to store a maximum of 6 adults in its very large cabin. Basically, it was also holding a typical luxurious Buick and some more additional features, such as a double zone climatic control, a key less entry system in the vehicle, a CD player and also the doors, which had programmable locks.
If compared structurally, then it seems to be similar to the regal sedan, which is also a Buick production. Also, the Buick Century contains the dual airbags so as to ensure the driver’s proper safety and also the antilock brakes for proper speed control and safety.

Now, let’s talk about its value for he buyer’s money. Though the Century has an admirable performance, it would not satisfy a driver who is enthusiastic. But still it is comfortable and quiet, and also economical for around 6 passengers. So, it is not worth the money, and one could also choose from other options that are available in the market.

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