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    Based in Tokyo, Mazda has manufacturing and assembly plants all over the world. This global reach and market share has been a result of the unique engineering of Mazda engines. In the 1960's, Mazda began making Wankel rotary engines and installing them in their cars. This set them apart from other Japanese automakers who built vehicles using piston engines.  The rotary type of Mazda engines gave similar power and performance as a piston engine, but are lighter weight, giving their cars more speed and better gas mileage. The famous Mazda RX-7 utilizes a rotary and is still in production as of 2008.

Mazda engines were exported around the world and used by other automakers as well. Therefore there are many used Mazda engines in the marketplace, and can find any one  you are looking for. We have a huge inventory of used Mazda engines for nearly any model dating back for decades. We also have access to a national database of Mazda used engines, so even if we don't have it in stock, we can find the engine you need quickly and easily. has used Mazda engines for discontinued models as well as current models, such as: Mazda 3, Mazda Speed3, Mazda 5, Mazda 6, Mazda Speed, Mazda CX-7, Mazda CX-9, Mazda MPV, Mazda MX-5 Miata, Mazda Tribute, and Mazda B-Series Truck. We can also get any used Mazda engine for their famous line of RX models, including the Mazda RX-7, Mazda RX-8 and more.

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