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6.5 Turbo Diesel Motors for Sale

When we get a phone call inquiring on truck 6.5L turbo diesel motors for sale, in most cases it is for a Detroit Diesel V8 motor, designed and used by General Motors. The 6.5L diesel engine was introduced in 1992, with the majority of them equipped with turbo chargers. It preceded the 6.2L diesel and was replaced by the Duramax lineup in 2001.

Diesel motors were optional in all 1982 through 2000 Chevrolet and GMC C/K series pickup trucks, Suburbans, Blazer/Jimmy, Tahoe/Yukon, vans, and motor homes. The engine was standard on AM General HMMWV, Hummer H1 and Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle vehicles.

With six separate variations of the 6.5L diesel motors available, lets cover them briefly.

1. The L49 [VIN “P”] and L57 are very similar and are naturally aspirated engines, meaning they do not have a turbo.
2. L56 {VIN “S”] is turbocharged and was used in the 1/2 ton or 1500 trucks and light duty 2500 or 3/4 ton trucks.
3. L65 was turbocharged version with no EGR [exhaust gas recirculation] valve or catalytic converter.
4. The LQM and LQN are both used in the heavy duty pickup trucks.

By the time the 6.2L became the 6.5L engine, the issues with main bearing web cracks and crank shaft breakage have been solved by redesigning the fly wheel assembly balancer weight and designing an update kit which improves the structural integrity and overall strength of the block, thus eliminating said problems.

With the above information in mind, the most requested replacement 6.5L diesel motors we sell are the remanufatured versions. Since the 6.5L motor went out of production after 2000, most of the good used motors have been found and sold. Don’t misunderstand me, we can locate a good used 6.5L diesel engine if you choose.

The beauty of a remanufactured motor is it’s fresh, everything is new inside it, and all of the most effective upgrades have been incorporated into the remanufacturing job. Some of our customers tell us we build the value right into the engine. Sounds good to us. is fully prepared to satisfy your need for any of the above mentioned variants of the GM 6.5L turbo diesel engine for sale. Call one of our representatives and find out how cost effective this solution is. Some of our motors ship for free, so don’t wait, call now.