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Truck Motors

Truck Motors

 Speak to one of our LIVE motor experts! Talk to one of our qualified staff members with over 50 years experience in the automotive industry. They’ll be happy to help you find one of our remanufactured or used engines for your truck today!

Truck motors are the heart of a hardworking vehicle, and the truck is the lifeblood of a hardworking society. Our trucks build the homes we live in, move the goods and natural resources we need to live and help farm the land that sustains us. Because of this, truck motors are extremely valuable to the well-being of our nation. But with value often comes high costs. What price will you pay to keep your truck running reliably and efficiently? Most local mechanics will make that price extremely high, because they know you can’t do without a functioning truck motor. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here at, we’re more concerned with getting your truck back on the road than making a killing on overpriced truck engines for sale. A business that has to mark up its prices due to middlemen and expensive overhead costs simply isn’t sustainable. That’s why builds its business on outstanding customer service and helping truck owners get the best truck motors at the lowest price possible. Our parts specialists know the ins and outs of the used truck motors industry and are your inside source to the best deals. Not sure where to get the lowest price? Not even sure what kind of truck motors will work with your vehicle? No problem – give us a call and we’ll figure it out. All we need is your VIN number and five minutes of your time.

Consider this: not everyone who brings their car or truck to the mechanic needs a new motor. In fact, most don’t. Truck motors tend to be reliable and often outlast other vital parts of the vehicle, like the transmission or the suspension. Because of this, mechanics will rarely have decent, affordable used truck motors on hand. So, when you bring in your truck to get its motor replaced, the service station will likely have to begin their search from scratch. This means visiting junkyards or enlisting the help of a parts buyer (for a fee). In this way, you are twice, sometimes even thrice removed from the process of buying a truck motor. And not just any truck motor, the motor that will be rumbling away in front of you while you are driving to and from work every day. Buying truck motors this way gives you neither confidence in the product you are buying or a fair chance at getting a lower price.

At, all we do is stock quality used or rebuilt car motors, truck motors and transmissions. It’s our full time job and it’s our passion. Before you even call, we’re already on the job – hunting down the best deals, carefully inspecting used truck motors, taking advantage of bargains that are too good to pass up. By the time you have us on the line, we’ve already found the truck motors you are looking for. All you have to do is tell us where to ship it and you’ve already saved thousands of dollars simply by picking up the phone. Need help finding a used truck motor at a good price? Tired of middleman markups? Contact – advice is free.

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