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The Chrysler Sebring comes in three styels, the LX, LX Convertible and LX Limited. Its sister car is the Dodge Avenger, and both cars sport a killer engine and an even more impressive interior. It comes in four-door and two-door models, with the smaller version being a favorite among singles, college students, and people wanting to be the envy of the neighborhood. These are affordable sports cars, that do not compromise engine power for price.

Mistubishi actually produces the Chrysler Sebring in its plant in Normal, IL. It is much like the Mistubishi Eclipse. So, if you are looking for a replacement engine for a Mistubishi Eclipse, Dodge Avenger, or Chysler Sebring, give us a call and we’ll find an exact replacement engine unit using our comprehensive database of Chrysler engines for sale. If we don't have it in inventory, we'll find it, using our comprehensive used engines database. Simply give us a call and our sales staff will find you the used Chysler Sebring engine to get your car back on the road. 

Finding a used engine for your Chysler Sebring is easy. Simply, tell us what year and model you’re driving, and we’ll help find the particular used Chrysler Sebring engine model you need.   At GotEngines, we know what we do, so getting the right fit for a variable vehicle line like the Chrysler Sebring is a snap!

2006 Chrysler Sebring Engine Specifications:
Engine                  Transmission                   Horsepower          Torque
2.4L V6                 5-spd. auto                         235                           232

Chrysler Sebring Fuel Efficiency:
The fuel economy of the Chrysler Sebring differs by model years.  Here is an EPA estimate from one consumer guide site on the basic fuel efficiency of the 2006 Model, which as a 18 gallon fuel tankl:

Engine Model                               City                        Hwy                      

2.4L V6                                            22                           29                           

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