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If you’re looking for a great ride with competitive fuel efficiency, you may be in the market for a reliable Dodge Durango model.  This top selling Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) gets high-performance results without being a gas hog. As a luxury ride with ultimate dependability, the Durango can compete with any other similar vehicles on the market, and the Dodge engineering means you’ll be driving your SUV for a long time. At we have a full selection of Dodge engines covering your model year at prices you’ll love for replacing a stalled engine with one that will get you back in the driver’s seat.

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Dodge Durango offers a range of powerful engine types for handling the road in style and keeping you safe in the city or on the highway, as well as a Multiple-Displacement System for the 5.7L engine to further beef up performance. Here's a brief of the 2008 Dodge Durango engines:

Engine Dodge Durango Engine Specifications:
Engine                                  Transmission                      HP                          Torque
5.7L HEMI V8                      4-speed auto.                    335@5200           370@4200
4.7L Flex-Fuel V8              5-speed auto.                    303@5650           330@3950
3.7L V6                                  5-speed auto.                    210@5200           235@4000


Dodge Durango Fuel Efficiency:
In addition to the fuel economy of the standard Dodge Durango engine, some engine models are E85 capable, specified as FFV (Flexible Fuel Vehicles) when properly outfitted (FFV models are only available in some states). The E85 blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, is now available at select gas stations across the country for advanced fuel economy. At, we can research used Dodge Durango engines and tell if they are flex-fuel compatible. 

Here is the basic fuel efficiency of the 2008 Dodge Durango for some standard models:

Engine Model                    City                        Hwy
3.7L V6                                  14                           19

4.7L V8                                  14                           19

5.7L V8                                  13                           18

GotEngines can find a replacement engine for any Dodge Durango model year, whether it’s last year or an older model from the 1990s or before. Contact today and chat with our reps to find the exact Dodge Durango replacement engine you need.  We’ll get you the engine you need at the prices you want!  Call us today and find a replacement Dodge Durango engine that will put a high-performance hum under your hood!