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Benefits of Used Fuel Injectors specializes in engines and transmissions. But did you know we also sell fuel injectors? The fuel injector might not be a part you think about a lot, but too often, a mechanic diagnoses a problem in the fuel line, and low performance or spotty mixing is traced back to the fuel injector. In some cases, a dirty fuel injector can be cleaned for better performance; other times, a worn fuel injector needs to be replaced.

As part of an optimized fuel injection system, this part is important to your car's health; the deterioration of a fuel injector over time can lead to lower gas mileage and terrible efficiency, as well as problems like rough idle or hesitation. Whether you're notified of this by your shop, or you are looking to optimize the performance of your vehicle, there are options for replacing a fuel injector that just isn't performing the way you want it to.

Used Fuel Injectors

A mechanic can drop a used fuel injector into your vehicle to replace an inefficient or broken one. Many times, this is a great solution; you'll notice your car running better and go on your way. But used fuel injectors are not necessarily optimized for best performance, either, and your replacement could be a shot in the dark.

Refurbished Fuel Injectors

When you order refurbished fuel injectors, you're ordering a part that has been "built back up" to the original company specifications. Technicians take old fuel injectors and subject them to testing for spray patterns, flow rates, and other types of calibrations, including any electrical items that can affect either performance or diagnosis down the road.

Think of a "refurbished" fuel injector as "like new"; it may not be as shiny as if it had come straight from the assembly line, but its components are checked and often come with a warrantee. A refurbished fuel injector is sure to provide the kind of fuel line improvements you're looking for when you opt to trade out your existing fuel injector on a used vehicle.


Whether it's a used fuel injector, you have to be sure your replacement is made for the specific type of fuel your car runs on. In today's diverse fuel world, with choices like ethanol and fuel mixes, it's all the more important to distinguish between fuel injections systems and parts. Make sure you have the parts that are right for your ride.