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Used Ford Engines For Sale

The history of Ford in the United States cannot be spoken about unless engines are a part of the conversation. The development of motors from this company is one reason for the global success it has achieved. Perfect engineering has been a part of the production schedule for decades. From the 1920s until the present day, Ford Motor Company has remained an innovator in the development of motor vehicle engine technologies.We too are innovators in a way, helping create the best deals on used engines online. Browse our huge selection of used engines for sale and save big today.

This resource should help you to find the type of replacement that you cannot find locally. All brands that have been created by Ford for sale in the U.S. and in some other countries are represented here. Locating a used motor that is low in actual mileage is the hardest part of the engine replacement process. Buying Ford produced motors from this resource will make it simpler for you. You don't need a huge budget to buy a preowned motor here.

Ford Past and Present Subsidiary Brands in the U.S.

  1. Ford
  2. Lincoln
  3. Volvo
  4. Land Rover
  5. Mercury
  6. Jaguar
  7. Mazda

If you're driving or fixing up one of these brands, you might be unaware that Ford created the motor inside. Both OEM manufacturing and joint partnerships have been used to produce the motors used in the global auto market. The numbers engine brands that are featured in the United States grows each year. Ford Motor Company remains a large part of American auto industry.

List of Ford Engine Families Available for Sale

  1. Essex
  2. Cologne
  3. Modular
  4. Vulcan
  5. Cleveland
  6. OHC
  7. York
  8. CVH
  9. Zetec
  10. Duratec
  11. Ecoboost
  12. Powerstroke
  13. Mazda F
  14. OHV
  15. Mondeo
  16. Janguar AJ
  17. Triton
  18. Coyote
  19. 385 Big Block

Used Ford Engine Displacements Listed for Sale

  1. 5.4 V8
  2. 4.2 V6
  3. 4.0 V6
  4. 4.6 V6
  5. 5.0 V6
  6. 3.0 V6
  7. 2.5 V6
  8. 2.3 I4
  9. 2.9 V6
  10. 2.8 V6
  11. 3.5 V6
  12. 6.0 V8
  13. 7.3 V8
  14. 8.0 V8
  15. 2.0 I4
  16. 1.9 I4
  17. 1.6 I4

Past and Present Motor Vehicles by Ford

  1. F150
  2. F250
  3. F350
  4. Taurus and Taurus X
  5. Pinto
  6. Escort
  7. Focus
  8. Fusion
  9. Tempo
  10. Lynx
  11. Capri
  12. Maverick
  13. Ranger
  14. SuperDuty
  15. Contour
  16. Crown Victoria
  17. Mustang
  18. Probe
  19. Ranchero
  20. EXP
  21. Festiva
  22. Five Hundred
  23. GT and GT40
  24. Thunderbird
  25. Torino
  26. ZX2
  27. Econoline
  28. Windstar
  29. Freestar
  30. Aerostar
  31. Explorer

Difference Between Ford Rebuilt and Ford Used Engines

Purchasing a motor usually provides three different options. A new motor purchase is usually supported with an insurance provider able to secure the installation of a new motor. Most of the brand new engines can exceed the actual value of a used vehicle for replacement purposes. A person seeking a replacement engine can make one of two choices apart from brand new purchases. There are many terms used to describe the basic two motor types available. These currently include the following:

1. Reconditioned

2. Used, Preowned, Previously Owned, Certified Used

Got Engines is a used Ford engines seller. The motors that are featured on this website are easy to order. All information is verified and there is no confusion as to what type is being offered. The difference between a rebuilt or preowned motor is the amount of work put into the block to make it sellable.

Engines that go through a rebuilding process require a specialized facility and trained workforce. The Ford Motor Company produces what are known as OEM engines. These can be rebuilt inside factories by stripping the motors down and rebuilding each piece by hand. New components are added to make these engines very similar to a fresh build by Ford engineers.

A used motor, sometimes called preowned or certified used, are pulled out of vehicles and readied for sale. The Got Engines website features hundreds of different used Ford motors that are ready for U.S. distribution. A used condition motor goes through simple checks for quality to validate all internal and external conditions. These are the most economical because of the labor not put into rebuilding each component.

How to Buy a Preowned Ford Motor Online

Some companies rely on auction websites to move inventory in the U.S. When you're searching for a motor replacement, you have to be aware of the buying process. There are licensed Ford dealers and there are secondary sellers. Deciding on what company to use will always depend on your budget. Obtaining Ford Motor Credit is one option for a person willing to finance an engine purchase. The preowned motors industry is an option for some buyers who don't mind a little extra mileage on the engine block.

Engines that are sold here at Got Engines are processed with a dual system. The first system in place is the toll-free U.S. phone number. Calling this number at 1-941-269-8284 is the easiest way to make a purchase. Expert engine specialists who know the Ford inventory that is now available will help you. Buying a motor for the very first time or multiple times is easy using this method. The second system is the quotes system used here. This generates a price that is simple to review before purchases take place.

The Difference for Preowned Ford Motors

Buying engines on the Internet does come with certain risk levels for buyers who are not careful. There are now auction companies allowing the sale of used motors in all states in the U.S. There are classified advertising websites featuring multiple engine types that are listed for public sale. Trusting a company is important when it comes to the engine research process. A person can learn a lot by buying the wrong engine. There is a clear difference between average sellers and the Got Engines company.

Certified Used Ford Engines for Sale Here Feature:

  1. Five-Year Warranties
  2. *Free Shipping to 48 Continental U.S. States
  3. *All residential deliveries subject to a $75.00 service charge
  4. Same-day Shipments
  5. No-Hassle Warranty Claims
  6. Complimentary VIN Lookup
  7. Various Mileage Counts
  8. Reduced Core Deposit Charge

Instant Engine Quotes System Installed for Ford Engines

When you've decided to search our company inventory, what you are presented with is instant access online to our low priced motors for sale. The Ford brand is represented as well as brands that are in the current lineup or that have been discontinued. Finding the right motor is a simple process through the quotes system provided here online. Development of this system has made this resource a top place to visit to learn how to buy an automobile engine for a cheap price.

It all begins with a quote inside our search finder. We ask for the year of a vehicle, make and the engine size. This information is instantly calculated and a search of the engines system is made. The current preowned Ford motor inventory we feature is used to complete the quote request submitted. The online system does all the work and supplies a price in one-click. Aside from a small sticker price, what is offered by Got Engines is a warranty detail and guarantee of free shipping. You'll never again be taken advantage of buy a previously owned engine retailer when using what has to offer you online.