Got Nissan 300 Engines? We do...

In the year 1984 Nissan first made the entry of a racing car called the Nissan 300. It was classified under the racing cars due to its powerful engine, which provided great power and thrill. It became a very well known car worldwide due to its high power engine.

The Nissan 300 was fitted with a V6 engine, which was totally an all-a very advanced engine comparatively at that time. The V6 engine has a true ability to provide a very high power ranging from around 170 hp to 230 hp. The power produced by the engine is really very high and thus helps the car to run much faster and make it a true racing animal. The Nissan 300 was manufactured till the end of the year 1989. After this it was released again with an advanced engine of much high power but with the same name and style.

The new Nissan 300 had an engine of V6 type only but this time it was of 3.0liter units. The engine of the Nissan 300 was fitted truly with 24 valves. This powerful engine produced a great power of around 225 hp, which is really very outstanding. The engine was also four-cam type which was really unique. The engine was the main feature of this car. The engine of Nissan 300 was twin turbochargers and also dual intercoolers were there, and thus produced a very high power of around 300 hp. This version was a 5-speed transmission that was manual, or the other version that produced 280 was a 4-speed transmission that was fully automatic. This high power truly made it a racing car.

The air to the dual intercoolers was supplied by the vents present in the bumper at the front of the car. At the back there was a very cool spoiler, which added the sports looks. The tires of the Nissan 300 were also very large. The price of the car was also very high. 

The production of the Nissan 300 continued till the year 1996 and that year due to much shortage in its sales, the price was doubles. But all this did not worked at all and lead to the demise of this very good car of Nissan. The manufacturing of this vehicle stopped that year because the company suffered with a big loss. The sales of the Nissan continued in Japan till the year 1998. 

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