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Remanufactured Engines

No money to buy a new car? How about getting a remanufactured engine or used motor for your current car. You'll get better performance, more reliability, and save hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to buying new.

At we can get you the replacement engine or replacement motor you need, quickly, easily, and at a price that you simply will not believe. We have a huge database of remanufactured engines and remanufactured motors, as well as a comprehensive database, so we can get you a remanufactured engine you need for any make and any model of automobile or truck. We also have access to hard-to-find remanufactured diesel motors. Whether you’re driving a newer domestic car or a discontinued model from a foreign automaker, we can hunt down the best remanufactured engine for you at an amazing price.

Benefits of a Remanufactured Engine

Of course, the main benefit of a remanufactured engine is the low price. But, just because you are getting a remanufactured

engine cheap, doesn't mean you're getting a "cheap" remanufactured engine. These engines are high-quality, reliable, dependable motors that have been examined, tested and updated to be just like new. These aren't just some motors pulled out of a junkyard; these are remanufactured engines that will meet all the quality standards of today's vehicles.

It’s important to understand the difference between a repaired engine and remanufactured engine. When you bring an engine into the auto repair shop, they’ll diagnose the engine and look for a single point of failure: a blown gasket, a faulty thermostat, a worn out oil pump, etc. They’ll then fix that one problem without touching the rest of the engine. So, while you may have a new gasket or a brand new thermostat, the rest of the parts in your engine could still be just a few hundred miles from failure.

An engine rebuild is completely different. When a mechanic rebuilds an engine, he (or she) gives it a complete overhaul. Engines that are being remanufactured are dismantled piece by piece, inspected, cleaned and remanufactured. All worn out parts are replaced and, if necessary, the engine is rebored and remachined for better performance. This is a very labor intensive process, but in the end, it still costs less than buying and installing a new engine. A remanufactured engine is often and certified by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an OEM-authorized service shop. Because the engine has been thoroughly tested
and inspected, it comes with a warranty as well—just like a new engine. This makes a remanufactured engine an especially good deal.

Aside from the low price, another great benefit of getting a remanufactured motor is environmental. For example, if the body of a car is rusty and outdated, but the engine is in great working order, that engine can become a remanufactured motor and put on the market. The engine can be used in the body of a similar car with a nice body, and still have a long life instead of filling up a landfill. It’s also much better for the environment to remanufacture an engine, rather than manufacture one from scratch. Producing an engine requires a vast number of raw materials and uses a number of chemicals, not to mention energy and
electricity. A remanufactured engine has a much smaller impact, both in terms of carbon and introduction of waste materials.

In addition to remanufactured engines, we can also hook you up with quality remanufactured heads, remanufactured transmissions, remanufactured short blocks and other remanufactured auto parts that can get your car back on the road for less.

Buying a Remanufactured Engine

The most important thing when buying a remanufactured motor is to be sure you are purchasing the right one. Just because the engine is from a 1991 Ford F-150, doesn't meant that the engine will definitely fit into your 1991 Ford F-150. There are slight variances that could make them incompatible. So, be sure to use the VIN number from the vehicle you will be installing the replacement engine into. At, our customer service center will gladly take your call and find you the exact replacement motor you need.

Who Will Install a Remanufactured Engine? will not only find you the exact remanufactured engine you need, but we'll ship it directly to you or your service center. Nearly all auto mechanic shops and dealerships can install an engine. You can't get an engine installed at a simple oil shop or muffler and brake shop. Be sure the mechanic has the ability and equipment to perform the installation. Again, nearly all mechanics have the capability. We recommend getting a written quote from the mechanic before having the used engine delivered to the installer. You don't want to be blindsided by surprise costs.

Contact today and get the exact remanufactured engine you need. Our friendly customer service representatives will gladly take your call and work to get you the right remanufactured engine at the right price.