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Remanufactured Motors

Who has the money for a new car nowadays? Not many of us. But, there is an option to getting a new vehicle, or getting your old vehicle back on the road… Get a remanufactured motor from You'll get great performance, dependability, and save thousands of dollars as opposed to buying a new car.

At we have a huge warehouse of replacement motors and engines for sale right at our fingertips, plus a comprehensive online database of remanufactured motors for any car, any truck, any make, any model. Whatever you are driving, has the replacement motor you need.

Saving Money with Remanufactured Motors

So, while you can't afford a brand new car, or even a used vehicle, you can still get a new set of wheels. Use the internet or scour the junkyards and classified and find an automobile that you like. If the motor is shot, you can get the car for pennies on the dollar. Then, contact and get a remanufactured motor to replace the old one, and you've got a new car! You find the body, and we'll find the replacement motor that fits it perfectly!

Benefits of a Remanufactured Motor

The obvious benefit of getting a remanufactured motor is the price. You can get a remanufactured motor for a fraction of the cost of a new one, without compromising quality. With you may be buying a cheap remanufactured motor, but it is not "cheap" in any sense of the word. These are high-quality engines that have passed a battery of tests and updates. These aren't some used motors yanked out of a junkyard, these are reliable, dependable motors that meet the same quality standards of a new engine.

Getting the Right Remanufactured Motor

When buying a remanufactured motor, it is important to get the right engine. Engines obviously vary from car to car, but there are also differnet engines within the same makes and models. For example, just because you found a 1998 Buick LeSabre Engine, doesn't mean it will definitely fit your 1998 LeSabre. There are little variances that could make them incompatible. So,when you call, be sure to have the VIN number handy. That way our friendly customer service department can find you the exact motor you need, quickly and easily.

Who Will Install a Remanufactured Motor? will ship the replacement engine right to your home or service center. So, find a mechanic or dealership that can install the engine, and get a quote for the work. Then, order the replacement motor from and we'll ship it right to the mechanic for installation. Be sure you find a licensed, reliable mechanic or service center with the right tools and know-how. Engines can not be installed at an oil change shop or most brake and muffler shops. Almost all auto mechanic shops and dealerships can install an engine, so call around and find the one you trust.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact today and get the exact replacement motor you need, quickly and easily. Our knowledgeable, hassle-free customer service department will gladly take your call and find you the right replacement motor at the right price.