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>> Buying Foreign Car Engines

Buying Foreign Car Engines

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Express from Japan: Buying Foreign Car Engines for Honda, Nissan or Toyota

Foreign or Domestic: the Big Question

It's a well-known fact that Honda, Nissan and Toyota engines are widely available in part because of strict Japanese emissions laws. Cars in Japan are required to recycle their engines at relatively low mileage, leading to a lot of engine exports. But domestic used engines are also available for these vehicles, so consumers have a lot of choices when looking for a replacement engine.

Used Honda Engines

Honda offers a few super-popular models, like the Civic and the Accord, that are in good supply most places. The longevity of these engines is part of what makes them such a great bargain and a highly sought-after commodity.

Used Nissan Engines

Owners of a Nissan Sentra, Altima, or Maxima can also benefit from a wide variety of available used engine choices. These stylish sedans often wear out before their engines do, and alternately, domestic shops can re-manufacture engines for a Nissan that, correctly installed, can make your car run as good as new.

Used Toyota Engines

With Toyota, drivers can choose from the ever-popular Corolla, the luxurious Camry, or a variety of other high-demand sedans. Deals with Toyota and domestic markets mean that used Toyota engines are often only a call away.

Matching Your Used Engine

Whether it's a pre-owned engine, you'll have to consider a few things when buying. Not the least of these is compatibility. Engine replacements can become a nightmare of parts matching and tinkering. Engines with computers and transmissions attached can be easier to install. Also think about how to deal with other mechanical attachments like valve-trains, compressors, sensors and other equipment, as well as how your manifolds and gaskets will fit together.

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