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A Driver in the Market

In any survey of consumer choices, Toyota ranks high on the list of popular car makers. The traditional attention to detail of the Japanese company appeals to buyers, and the track record of sedans like the Corolla and the Camry have led to dealer's lots flooded with these ever-popular makes.

One aspect of Toyota that seems to stick in the buyer's mind is the fundamental longevity of Toyota engines. Drivers notice that high mileage on models that, fifteen or more years old, are still on the road. So it's no surprise that Toyota dominates its quarter of the market.

Used Toyota Engines

When your Toyota is on the skids, a used engine is often not far away. Toyota owners can buy from domestic dealers who take usable engines from junked vehicles, or from the foreign manufacturer. A used engine can be a cheap way to get back on the road. With the right purchase, your mechanic will be able to install it in your ride without too much trouble.

The drawback to a used engine buy is that some sellers will sell you virtually anything. Used engines frequently come without a warranty or any background. The "as is" sale of a used engine gives buyers little protection against issues like excessive wear or deteriorated parts. Engines that are out of tune can fall apart in a relatively short amount of time, leaving you high and dry.

Toyota Engines

It helps to know what you're buying, but if you want a little more certainty out of an engine buy, think about getting a used engine from Toyota or a third party vendor.

Trained staff put the used engine through a battery of tests to make sure it's in the same condition it would be new. Used engines are tested for oil pressure, gasket seals, boring, and all other kinds of issues that affect the engine's life cycle. That's why sellers usually provide a warranty for the used engine, giving the new owner a guarantee that they'll drive a while on their purchase.

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