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There are mainly two versions of Oldsmobile Aurora:
The first version was fitted with an engine of 3.5L units and the other version was fitted with an engine of 4.0L units.

The engine used for the first version that is of 3.5L units was the V6 type engine. And the engine used for the second version that is of 4.0L units was the V8 type engine.

The second version of the Oldsmobile Aurora fitted with V8 came with a stability program that is fully electronic. Also you can have this program in the first version with a V6 engine spending some amount of money also.

The Oldsmobile Aurora takes very sharp corners. Oldsmobile Aurora was totally different from all other cars except the audio system was the same.

Also the good features like the Precision Control and the traction control system were also added to the car. Leather seats were also there in a large number of models of the Oldsmobile Aurora. The leather seats truly provided a very high level of comfort for the driver and other passengers.

In the year 1995 the Oldsmobile Aurora was redesigned with an all-new engine of 4.0liter units. The new and advanced engine was of V8 type and was truly very much powerful. The engine gave a very high power of almost around 250 hp.

The engine of the Oldsmobile Aurora was fitted with dual-overhead camshafts this time. The engine was of manual transmission 4-speed type, which made the performance of the vehicle very good.

In the year 1996, the Oldsmobile Aurora was redesigned with different lights. Also the complaints of the distortions in the back windows were totally removed in this new version.
In the year 1997, the Oldsmobile Aurora a compass was fitted in the rearview mirror that is completely an electronic one. Also the vehicle this time got equipped with an all-new audio system with 12-disc changer.
In the year 1998, the Oldsmobile Aurora was made much better in the suspension and also the steering o the vehicle was made much more comfortable at even low speeds.
In the year 1999, the Oldsmobile Aurora was totally modified by implanting all-new running lights. Also a level-control suspension that was totally automatic was also added in the vehicle.
In the year 2000, there was absolutely no change in the vehicle. In the very next year that is the year 2001, the vehicle was redesigned.  

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