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The Oldsmobile Delta 88 was introduced in the year 1949. The full size car was continued to be produced till the year 1999 and it became the most selling car for around 24 years. During the starting 3 years, Oldsmobile 88 was among the automobiles having the best performances. Basically, this was due to the small size it had, and the advanced lightweight high compression V8 engine that it had. This V8 engine was basically made for the bigger and the luxurious 98 series.

It was named so, so that it can complement with the 76 and 98 series, which were existing already. The 88 series was known as the grand daddy of the muscular cars in the year 1960. This car utilized the platform of the 76 along with an all new added big and more powerful rocket style V8 engine. Being popular during its life time, the 88 had inspired a song titled Rocket 88 and also a famous slogan, which was: have a date with a Rocket88. And, the rocket gradually became the Oldsmobile’s logo in the year 1960 and after, though its name 88 remained till the last decade of the 20t century.

In the year 1952, this car got a power of 145 horsepower, which was around 108 kilowatts. It had a displacement of around 5 L. Its engine had a carburetor with 2 barrels. On the other hand, the Super 88 had got a much more powerful engine, which delivered a power of 160 hp, nearly 119 kilo watts, and the all new carburetor with four barrels. In the year 1956, the engine was more modified. The power delivered was increased to 230 hp for 88 and it was nearly 240 hp for the Super 88.

Further, in 1958, increase in the displacement was made, and it became around 277 horsepower, which is nearly 371 cubic inches. In 1960, a larger 4 barrel carburetion engine was introduced, and it delivered a power of 315 hp in the super 88. In 1964, the dynamic 88 got a 2 barrel engine, delivering a power of 250 hp, nearly 186 kilo watts, whereas the Super 88 got a 4 barrel engine, which delivered a power of amazing 325 hp, nearly 242 kilo watts. Also, the skyrocket engine was made to be available as an option in the Dynamic 88 for some extra cost. Basically, after the year 1950, the 6 cylinder lineup for engine was completely removed. 

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