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Saturn Ion- Cool Suspension Car

The Saturn Ion was considered the best car in the years 2003 to 2007. It truly attracted all the young buyers towards it very strongly as it had a very unique style and a very strong engine. The engine was really very strong of 2.2-liter unit. All the versions of the Saturn Ion came with an engine of 2.2liter unit. The standard engine was fitted with four cylinders. The engine of the Saturn Ion was able to provide it with a power of almost around 145 hp.

Later in the year 2006, the Saturn Ion became really very famous as it made its tremendous entry with an engine of 2.4-liter unit fitted in it. This engine of the Saturn Ion was fitted with four cylinders. These cylinders of the engine were with valve timing that was really variable and not at all constant.

This was the main reason behind the high power of this car. The engine provided it with a high power of almost around 175 hp. The car was featured with antilock brakes, a very good suspension like of a sports car, a traction control system etc. The car was available with manual transmission with 5-speed and all the versions had the same transmission. But after some time it was available in 4-speed automatic transmission too.

Later the car was powered with an engine of 2.0-liter unit and it was also supercharged type. This engine was fitted with four-cylinders. And the engine provided the power of 205 hp, which is really very great. This new version gained a lot of popularity because of the powerful engine, which provided so much high power. This version was available in the manual transmission with 5-speeds and also disc brakes were also added to this car. Some drawbacks included the bad interiors. The interiors were not at all attractive. It was truly very spacious but the interiors were really very bad. The seats of the car can easily be folded. The windows and air conditioner was also very simple.

Also the tires of the car were 16 inches and the car was feature with a cruise control and a very good CD/MP3 audio system. In the sedan segments it was not at all considered to be the best car as the interiors were of very low rating. The performance was also not good as compared to all the other sedan segment cars. Also the driving dynamics of the car were not impressive. 

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