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Saturn L Series- Competing the Ford and Toyota

The L-Series cars were truly designated as the LS for sedan segment cars and as the LW for wagon segment cars. This was really very bad for the companies like Toyota and Ford as they were seling there cars with series LS. All this made these two companies really very angry and frustrated.

In the year 2000 the series was finally named the Saturn L series. In the same year that is in the year 2000 the Saturn L-Series only had 5 models.

The three models LS, LW1 and LS1 were fitted with an engine with four-cylinders, and ther other two models LW2/LS2 were fitted with a V6 engine. This engine was a 5-speed manual transmission type engine. This engine was sourced by Saab, which is another subsidiary of General Motors.

Both the locks and the windows of the cars were made manual. The air conditioner and also an AM/FM stereo were truly fitted in the car, but they were not of very good quality. The LS1/LW1 models were very truly added with the features like power windows, locks and mirrors with keyless entry, and also a number of other comfort features.

The LS2/LW2 models were featured by fog lights, as well as the more powerful and advanced V6 engine and with a 4-speed automatic transmission also. This engine was later optional in the other three models in which there was an engine fitted with four cylinders. Traction control and anti-lock systems were also optional.

In the very next year that is in the year 2001, the Saturn L-Series came with some new models and the LS1 became L200, LS became L100, LS2 became L300, LW2 became LW300 and the LW1 became LW200.

Also a large fuel tank was also fitted in these new versions. A seat belt for the passengers sitting at the back seat was also added to the car.

In the next year many systems like the traction control and anti-lock systems were added to the car respectively. Airbags were also fitted in the car, to make the car safer. Also the looks of the car was also changed by changing the headlights and also the backlights. All new-design lights were added at the front at also at the back.

The option of moon roof was also there in the new models. The model that became really very successful was the L300.2. It became a lot popular and helped the company to earn some profits.  

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