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The Toyota Camry SOLARA is a mid-size coupe, which is very truly engineered and designed by Toyota. This Camry Solara is very commonly called the Toyota Solara worldwide.

This mid-sized coupe is made to be a sports car and it truly attracts drivers who love to drive a sports car. Its engine is really very much powerful and the power it provides is really tremendous. Camry reflects the roots of Solara, and the Solara reflects the radiance of the sun.

It is also very well known that the Toyota Solara only reflects the Solara portion and not at all the Camry portion.

In the year 1998 the first generation of Solara came in the market for the first time. It was very truly based on the platform of the previous generation and was truly built at the TMMC facilities in Ontario, Cambridge, and also in Canada.

This model of the Toyota Solara was featured by an advance engine of 2.2 L unit. The engine was very truly fitted with four-cylinders. And 5S-FE was the type of the engine. The power it produced was almost around 135 HP or you can say around 101 kW, and a torque it produced was around 148 lb·ft or you can say around 200 N·m at an rpm reading of around 4500 rpm.

Also another engine of type V6 1MZ-FE was also there which was with a 3.0 L unit. This engine provided the car with a very high power of almost around 200 HP and with a rpm reading of around 5,200 rpm or you can say 149 kW and also a torque of almost around 215 lb/ft or you can say around 290 N.m at rpm reading around 4,500 rpm or you can say around 290 N.m.

This engine helped the vehicle to reach a speed of 60 kilometers per hour in just 7 seconds.

But soon this 2.2 L unit four-cylinders engine got totally replaced by the new 2.4 L unit four-cylinders engine in the year 2002. The 2AZ-FE was the type of the new engine.

This new engine was much more powerful than the previous one and also its performance was also great. This new engine provided a very high power of almost around 158 hp or you can say 117 kW with a rpm reading of around 5,600 rpm or you can say around 117 kW and also a very high torque of almost around 162 lb ft or you can say 220N.m with a rpm reading of about 4,500rpm meaning 219N.m which is really greater than the previous model.

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