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The Toyota RAV4 is very truly a crossover SUV that is truly compact. It is truly built and also marketed by the TMC. This car was first introduced in Europe and Japan in the year 1994 and than in North America in the year 1996 as the people are in need of a good SUV.

The RAV4 was really fully based on the platform of corolla, and was offered in both the versions that is the two door version and also the four door version.

In US, the car is available with a 2.0 L unit engine. The engine of the car is of straight-4 type. The engine of the Toyota RAV4 very truly produces a power of almost around 120 hp or you can say almost around 89 kW.
Both the Four-wheel drive version and the front wheel drive version were available. The engine of the car with a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic transmission was available.

In the year 1998, the Toyota RAV4 was restyled a bit on the rear and the front fascias, and also a soft-top two-door version was made easily available in the market of US.

Horsepower was increased to 127 hp but that is not much more than the previous one. In the year 1999, the two-door hardtop came in the market leaving the soft-top and 4-door models.

A new engine of 2.0 L units and of type I4 was fitted in the car. This advanced engine helped the car in producing a high power of almost around 148 hp or you can say around 110 kW. And this was the only engine that was available.

Some models of Toyota RAV4 truly came with features like an anti-lock braking system, air conditioning, electronic stability control, a height-adjustable driver's seat, a six-speaker CD stereo, cruise control, and also power windows, seats and mirrors.

In the year 2004, the Toyota RAV4 was restyled again but again slightly, and a new engine of 2.4 L units and of type I4 was fitted in the car this time. This engine truly helped the car in producing much high power of 161 hp or you can say 120 kW replacing the older 2.0 L unit engine. The cargo room of the car was big enough and also there is very clear visibility for the driver. These features attracted a large number of buyers who were looking for a crossover SUV.  

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