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Honda has gotten a lot of accolades for its Honda Accord vehicles: awarded 10Best trophies no less than ten times by Car and Driver, the Honda Accord is a highly ranked car that’s still on the roster for the 2009 line.  Drivers who love their Honda Accord models want to get the most mileage out of these popular cars.  That’s where GotEngines comes in.  We can help you keep your Honda Accord running with used engine types for any year or model.  Get new power for this comfortable sedan!  Let us help you breathe new life into your vehicle today with a great used engine that will make your Honda Accord run like new!

When you’re facing a stalled-out Accord, tell us what year and model Honda Accord you drive, and we’ll find an exact replacement engine unit using our comprehensive database of Honda engines for sale. We have Access to the largest inventory to sell by volume, getting you the exact engines you want at low prices.  And with all of our experience finding used engines for all kinds of vehicles, getting a new block for your Honda Accord is easy.  Just make the call and let us find you JDM engines, or used Honda Accord used engines to get your car back in shape. 

Honda has constantly worked on engineering the Honda Accord for creating the best driving experience possible. Here are some of the specs on the 2009 Honda Accord sedan (coupe engine features differ slightly).

2009 Honda Accord Engine Specifications:
Engine                                  Transmission                      HP                                          Torque
(LX) 2.4L 40cyl                   5-spd manual                     177@6500                           161@4300
(EX) 3.5L V6                        5-spd auto.                         271@6200                           254@5000

Honda Accord Fuel Efficiency:
Here is an estimate on the basic EPA-estimated fuel efficiency of the 2009 Honda Accord:
Engine Model                                    City                        Hwy                       Combined
2.4L 40cyl (w/manual)                    22                           31                           25                          
2.4L 40cyl (w/auto)                          21                           30                           24
3.5L V6 (w/manual)                         17                           25                           20
3.5L V6 (w/auto)                              19                           28                           22

With its gas efficiency and great features, the Honda Accord is worth getting a lot of mileage out of.  When you run into engine problems, think about talking to us and getting a quality replacement block to get the fire back in your Accord.  At GotEngines, we can find you what you need for any Honda Accord model year, and we’ll do it with the best time management to get you the solutions you need when you need them, at prices you can handle. 

Call us today and talk to our reps to find the exact Honda Accord replacement engine you need and we’ll make sure you’re happy with what you find.  We’re the shop you need to put the power back in your Honda Accord today! 

    So, what are you waiting for? Call today to speak to our friendly customer service department and find the used Honda Accord engine you need. If you can, have the VIN number available so we can find the exact Honda Accord engine you need.  Contact us today and get the Honda Accord engine you want, at a price that will surprise you.