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The Honda Prelude was taken off of the manufacturer’s roster in 2001, but not before a long stint on the market as Honda’s premier sports coupe.  The Honda Prelude competed with the Toyota Celica, as well as other models from other makers, like the Nissan Silvia and the Mitsubishi Eclipse.  In twenty-three years on the market, the Prelude went through five “generations”, getting a new look for a changing marketplace.  Now, years after its absence from the new product line, drivers still love the Honda Prelude for its style and features.

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The Honda Prelude engines may vary a little by model year, but the standard was a 2.2L 4-cylinder engine.  Here are some specs on the standard Honda Prelude in its last generation from 1997-2001 according to leading vehicle guide sites.

1997-2001 Honda Prelude Engine Specifications:
Engine                   Transmission                      Horsepower                                       Torque
2.2L 4-cyl.                varies                                    190-200                                               156
Motor vehicle guides note the horsepower of the Prelude gradually rose in later models.

Honda Prelude Fuel Efficiency:
Here is an EPA estimate on the basic fuel efficiency of the Honda Prelude in the same model year range:
Engine Model                                    City                        Hwy      
2.2L 4-cyl.                                            22                           26                          

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