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Despite some confusion with the partnership between Isuzu and Honda, the Passport became a leader in large vehicles, now commonly referred to as SUVs, that were originally thought of as ‘hybrid’ vehicles combining passengers aspects with pickup truck qualities.  The Passport, built by Isuzu with a Honda partnership, got accolades from top industry media, and some drivers still enjoy driving these unique vehicles.  The Passport was discontinued in 2002.

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The Honda Passport engines may vary by model year.  Here are some specs on a standard 2002 Honda Passport according to leading vehicle guide sites.

2002 Honda Passport Engine Specifications:
Engine                  Transmission          HP                       Torque = lb-ft@rpm
3.2L V6                 varies                        205@5400           214@3000

Honda Passport Fuel Efficiency:
For fuel economy, the Honda Passport is pretty competitive with a lot of SUV models on the road right now.  Here is an estimate on the basic fuel efficiency of the 2002 Honda Passport:
Engine Model                       City                        Hwy      
3.2L V6                                  17                           21                          

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