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The car VW Cabriolet was first developed in the year 1995. It had a 2.0 L (one of the more economical VW engines, which delivered a power of around 1984 cc. The engine was a 4 inline front transverse used engine, and it had an 82.5 mm bore, and a stroke of 92.8 mm. It had a compression ratio compression ratio of 10.0:1. It had an overhead cam and also contained 2 valves in each cylinder.

It used unleaded fuel for its running. Also, it had a good EPA fuel economy on the highway for l per 100 km that was around 7.8. It had a multiple point fuel injection system. Its tank had a capacity of 55 liters. It delivered a power of 85 kilo watts, nearly 115 hp at the rate of 5400 Rpm. Also, the torque delivered was 165 Nm at the rate of 3200 Rpm. Its mileage for fuel was around 31 on the highway, and 24 on the city roads. Then the model of the year 2000 came. This model delivered a power of 115 hp at the rate of 5200 RPM. Also, the torque was changed to 165 Nm at the rate of 2600 RPM.

The cars in the earlier times, which appeared in the market, were offering only the basic parts that is a driver's and a passenger seat, an engine and wheels and obviously the body. Rest of the things associated with the cars, are the stereo, lightning systems on the sides, the cup or glass holders. After a certain period of time, the cars became the thing to be possessed by the rich people and also the affluent. But wit time, owning a car became more and more affordable gradually to a large number of people in the world at that time. Soon, the companies started producing the cars for the common man. There was Ford in the United States. In the Italy, it was Fiat, which was there to produce cars. And in France, the brand name was Citroen that produced the vehicles. And in the United Kingdom, there was the Austin and Motors to look after the market.

So, the car named VW Cabriolet was quite popular at its time around the parts of the world where it was produced. It was thought to be a family car and was considered to be a real worth of money for a common man. Its production is still in continuation that is it is still being produced. 

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