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The VW Golf is popularly known to be a compact and a small family car, which is manufactured by the Volkswagen since the year 1974, and is sold worldwide from 6 generations in many different body configurations. It was sold as the Volkswagen Rabbit in the US and Canada, and as VW CARIBE in the Mexico.

It had a front wheel driving system. Viewing the History, it was the Volkswagen's most selling car and also the world's 3rd most selling car, which had more than 25 million units produced till the year 2007.
Most of the production of the VW Golf was basically having a 3 door hatchback style. The other variants generally include a 5 door hatchback style.

From the year 1992 to 1999, new VW engines were included in the car, which included the very first of the TDI Diesel engines. This had a narrow angle, and it was a 2.8 L VR6 engine. And at the same time, an all new Mk 3 engine was introduced, which replaced the thirteen year old Mk1 model. In the year 2006, a number of features were included, which includes newer head and tail lights, sound system, which is superb, and also the wheels are new. Both the models are available with the 2.0L 4 cylinder SOHC gasoline engine. This engine delivers a power of 115 hp. There is also an optional 6 speed automatic transmission.

In Germany, the VW Golf Mk4 was replaced by the Mk5 in the year 2003. But, this model didn’t reach the markets in North America till the year 2006. Then, it was marketed as GTI. The GTI was having a 2.0 L engine, which was available as the FSI and the TSI Model. Both the models are turbocharged. They also produce a quite large amount torque at the lower end having no turbo lag. The GTI is meant for the Grand Touring Injected.
Then the Mk6 Golf was also thought to be designed. It will be designed by the chief designer of the VW. Its design was inspired from the generations of the Golf in the past, and particularly from the Mk4 and Mk1.

The design will also be more aerodynamic, which will help in achieving more fuel efficiency. This design will also be quieter than its past relatives. The cost to build the car will be lesser than to build any of the predecessors in the past. 

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