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The German-engineered Volkswagen Jetta is a nimble, dependable and stylish car aimed at the young generation of drivers, as well as singles and college students. The new Jetta Sedan is a great choice for small families as well. The cars are safe, dependable, and have great gas mileage.

If you’re looking for a replacement engine for a new Volkswagen Jetta, you know you’re on a specific kind of hunt.  These VW cars have a different kind of  layout under the hood, and you’ll be needing a block from a shop that deals in VW technologies.  At, we have an extensive database  filled with Volkswagen Jetta used engines types.  Use our convenient call center system to find the Volkswagen Jetta engine you need by model year.  Get a great quality used engine block to keep your stylish Jetta running into the next decade and beyond. We have thousands of engines to choose from. Let one of our staff help you decide which is best for you.

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Here are some standard specs on the standard engine design for the regular unleaded engine model:

Volkswagen Jetta Engine Specifications:
Engine   Transmission                     Horsepower                   Torque
 2.5L I5   5spd  manual/auto           150@5000                  177@4250

Volkswagen Jetta Fuel Efficiency:
Here is an EPA estimate on the basic fuel efficiency of the Volkswagen Jetta:

City                        Hwy                      

21                           29           

When you’re looking to restart your Volkswagen Jetta with a used engine, we’ll get you what you need and we’ll do it competitively with the lowest cost around. Call today to talk to one of our in-house experts about the easiest and cheapest way to re-power your Jetta today!  

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