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Used Ford Windstar Engines For Sale

In production from 1995-2003, the Ford Windstar was a favorite mini-van for families throughout the United States. It served as a replacement to the Ford Aerostar mini-van, and the Windstar itself gave way to the Ford Freestar in 2004. You'll still find a ton of Ford Windstars on the road today, as they are long-lasting, dependable vehicles for small families and big families alike.

The Ford Windstar seats seven passengers, with removable seating in the rear row. While the engine is loud when running over 50mph, it was still dependable and had enough get-up-and-go for the average family. The Windstar remains one of the crowning achievements of Ford Motor Company.

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2003 Ford Windstar Engine Specifications:

Engine                  Transmission                     HP                          Torque
3.8L V6                 4-speed auto                      200@4900                232@3600

Ford Windstar Fuel Efficiency:
 Here is the basic fuel efficiency of the 2008 Ford Windstar for some standard models:

MPG City - 16

MPG Highway - 22

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