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Used Ford F150 Engines For Sale

For over thirty years the Ford F-Series has been the top selling series of trucks in the US, and for good reason. These tough, reliable vehicles, set the standard in power and payload, and this truck engine is one of the most impressive on the market. Put simply, these babies last forever. At we have a full selection of used Ford F-150 engines for any model year, at a price you will not believe.

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Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is ready to assist you NOW, and can answer all your questions about engines and more. Here's a brief of the 2008 model engine:

2008 Engine Ford F-150 Engine Specifications:

Engine                                  Transmission                     HP                                          Torque
4.2L EFI V6.                         5-speed man.                    O/D 202@4350.                  260@3750  
4.2L EFI V6.                         4-speed auto.                    O/D 202@4350                 260@3750
4.6L Triton V8.                   4-speed auto.                    O/D 248@4750                 294@4000
5.4L 3-Valve Triton V8.      4-speed auto.                    O/D 300@5000                 365@3750

Ford F-150 Fuel Efficiency:
The Ford F-150 has a multi-point fuel injection system and a standard 26 gallon fuel tank. And of course everyone is concerned with fuel efficiency now, several of the newer engines can utilize e85 Flex Fuel. This is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, now available at select gas stations across the country. Our staff at can research used engines and tell if they are flex-fuel compatible.  Here is the basic fuel efficiency of the 2008 Ford F-150:

  • MPG City - 10
  • MPG Highway - 13
  • MPG Combined - 11
  • E85 MPG City - 13
  • E85 MPG Highway - 18
  • E85 MPG Combined - 15

Owners of the Ford F-150 can attest to the longevity of these vehicles and their dependable engines. We can find a replacement engine for any model year, dating back for decades. Contact today, to talk to a live salesperson, and find the exact Ford F-150 replacement engine you need. We've got access to nearly any engine, and prices that you will not believe. Call us today and find your replacement Ford F-150 engine!

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