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Introduced in 1964, the Ford Mustang is a legend among American automakers, and has become a hallmark of the American culture. The car symbolized a departure from traditional styles and standard used engines, signyfying the Baby Boomer's rebellion against the previous American generations. The introduction of the Ford Mustang actually nearly coincided with the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show...a coincidence that is significant in the transformation of American culture.

The Ford Mustang engine has always been powerful, and the car itself, always affordable. The design has changed over the years to reflect changes in American culture, but one thing always remains...unparalleled power and performance under the hood.

The classic Ford Mustang styles are popular with all ages of car enthusiasts. So, if the engine fails in one of the classic bodies, you'll need a replacement Ford Mustang engine to get back on the road, or into the car show. At, our database is filled with used engine types for any Ford Mustang year or model you need.   Dealing in volume gives us an edge in offering, or used engines to our customers, and ordering can easy when you’re talking to our professional and responsive experts.

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2009 Ford Mustang Engine Specifications:
Engine             Transmission      Horsepower           Torque
4liter V 6 .       5spd Man or Auto     210@5300               325@3500

Ford Mustang Fuel Efficiency:
With a Ford Mustang, you are trading fuel efficiency for performance and power. Here are the basic MPG ratings for the 2009 Ford Mustang.

City                        Hwy                      

16                           24

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