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As one’s of Ford’s top-rated SUV products this year, the Ford Expedition brings a lot of power to the table with new Ford engines: Its 5.4L Triton V8 engine, as well as Multi-Valve technology and other state of the art features put enhanced capability into the driver’s seat.  Since the Ford Expedition has been an SUV favorite for years, drivers often go looking for fixes for their models.  At, we can help you keep your Ford Expedition running with one of our high quality engines for sale for any year or model.  Get new power for this high-performance SUV: let GotEngines help you breathe new life into your vehicle today with a premium condition block that will make your ride run like new!

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Ford has constantly worked on engineering the Expedition for greater leverage and power on the road. Here are some of the specs on the 2008 standard Ford Expedition.

2008 Ford Expedition Engine Specifications:
Engine                  Transmission                      HP                                          Torque
5.4L V8                 6-spd auto.                         300@5000                          365@3750
Ford notes that the Expedition delivers 90% of its torque under 2000 rpm.

Ford Expedition Fuel Efficiency:
Here is an estimate on the basic fuel efficiency of the 2008 Ford Expedition:
Engine Model                       City                        Hwy      
5.4L V8                                  12                           18                          

As a leader in its class, this SUV is worth keeping on the road.  When you need extensive repairs, consider opting for an easier, cheaper solution.  GotEngines can find you what you need for any Ford Expedition model year.  Our friendly staff can help you find a replacement engine quickly and with the minimum of hassle, so you can get your shop working on installation.  Contact today and talk to our reps to find the exact Ford Expedition replacement engine you need and we’ll make sure you aren’t disappointed, keeping you informed and involved as we go through all of the right steps to get your Ford Expedition running again.

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