Used Mercury Capri Engines For Sale

The European car named Mercury Capri was firstly developed in the form of a small Mustang in the market, which is a car with 2 doors and a short trunk lid, which was later known as a hatchback. CAPRIS were built in Germany, and were sold through the Mercury dealers in the North America. The Capri of Europe was sold for the very first time in the United States in the year 1970 in the month of April. There was a 2.0 liter engine fitted in the car, which was OHC I4 and it was introduced for the model of the year 1971. In the year 1971, the 2.0 liter CAPRIS had a compression ratio of 9.0:1. Later, it was reduced to 8.2:1 in the year 1972.

Capri was also given a facelift in the later years for the previously known 1973 model. It was given all new interiors, larger back lights, renewed grill, and a totally different wiring. The CAPRIS also got a 5 mph bumper at its front. The front bumper in the year 1973 was made up of chrome, which was mounted on front of a pipe made of steel, and was attached to its frame with a couple of shock absorbers.

History of the Mercury CAPRIS' Engine

Again, in the year 1974, the 2.6 L V6 engine was removed and it was replaced by another 2.8 L V6 engine with 6 cylinders, which had revised castings for the heads as well as the block. The CAPRIS also had a big and 5 mph bumper for both the rear and the front of it. In the year 1974, the bumpers were also covered by the plastic, which was body colored.
CAPRIS were also revised in the year 1975 as a hatchback, but were sold in the NA as the early model of the year 1976. In the then market, it was generally called as the Capri 2. The engine options, which were available at that time were, the 2.3 liter Lima 4 cylinders engine or the 2.8 liter 6 cylinder engine.

Some of the remaining Capri’s in the year 1977 were then sold as the 1978 models. The production of European Capri was in continuation for the European markets till the year 1986. Before that, more than the half million Capri’s were already sold in the North American markets between the year 1971 and 1979. That car was ultimate in its performance, that’s why it was sold at a much higher rate. 

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