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In the 1980s the Mercury Sable made it wonderful entry. It had a front wheel drive that was really very much big, and it was also aerodynamic. As the car was really very good, its sales went up and up. The car gained a lot of popularity. And the car finally became the best selling car worldwide. After around 10 years the Mercury Sable was released again with all-new features and also a good engine.

The Mercury Sable was fitted with a 496 cc engine of 3.5 liters unit. The engine was a V6 engine and was fitted in the front of the car. The bore of the engine was around 92.5 mm.

The stroke of the engine of the Mercury Sable was around 86.7 mm. The compression ration of the Sable’s engine was around 10.3. The engine was fitted with 4 valves per cylinder with variable valve timing.

The fuel for the engine of the Mercury Sable was the unleaded fuel. The fuel system of the engine was also very much advanced known as the Multi-point injection fuel system.

The engine of the Mercury Sable can easily provide a power of 196 kW or almost around 26 HP. The engine can very easily provide rpm ranging from around 4,500 to 6,500.

Mercury Sable- Truly Very Good

The engine of the Mercury Sable was not too powerful as it truly meant to be. This leaded to the falling of the sales of this car. The main reason was less power due to the engine.

In the year 2000 it was released again with an all-new engine. This time engine was made much powerful than the previous one. The car again gained back its popularity. The new model of Mercury Sable was really very much comfortable. But this time it was a bit expensive due to the great interiors.

The car had the best style due to its wonderful design. The car was again released in the years 2000 and 2004 with all-new engine and advanced features. In the year 2006 the Mercury Sable was truly available as a fleet car and this new version was much better than all the old ones.

This version helped in the improvement of the sales of the Mercury Sable. The sales went up thereby increasing the company’s profits. The older versions of the Mercury Sable were fitted with an engine that was not much powerful and the features were also not much good and advanced. 

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