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In the year 1991 Ford’s Classic suffered with a high fall of demand. The Classic was 5-speed manual transmission type. But in the year 1994 it was truly replaced by the all-new Mercury Cougar.

The Ford’s Classic was fitted with a V6 engine with a 4.9liter unit, which provided a power of 200hp. A better 205-hp power engine came in with 4.6liter capacity, this time the engine was V8, The new version was fitted with motorized seat belts and the style was really outstanding.

And than came the all-new Mercury Cougar, which fully replaced the Ford’s Classic. The base of the engine was around 290 cubic inch. The engine was a V-8 engine, which can provide a high power of to 200 hp.

Than came a new version of the Mercury Cougar. The real action came in with the entry of this powerful engine car. The base of the engine of the new version of the Mercury Cougar was around 390 cubic inch. The engine fitted in the new version of Mercury Cougar was a V8 engine, which is really a very powerful engine.

Mercury Cougar- The Racing Animal

This V8 engine provided the car a power of around 320hp, which is really very high. The engine of the Mercury Cougar was the main feature for its increasing popularity and also its increasing demands.

The main reason behind the replacement of the Ford cars was also this high performance engine providing an unbeatable power making a difference of more than 100hp than the power in all the other Ford cars.

The car was provided with disc brakes and also a very good steering. The handling was also unbeatable.

The car was considered to be as a racing animal as the car was fitted with really with a very powerful engine like of a sports car. The 320hp of high power made it like a sports car. The car was really a very powerful one because of the engine.

The base of the wheel of the Mercury Cougar was also same as that of sports car that is the 111inch one. The car proved to be really very successful to the company as its production was really very easy. Also the people lower the power of this car, which was really very high. The car truly gave a feel of a sports car because of the powerful engine. And thus gained a lot of popularity in the world. 

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