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The Eagle Talon was one of the few version names offered to a racing car that was produced between 1989 & 1998 & launched by the then Mitsubishi Motors & Chrysler Corporation in a shared 50-50 partnership business enterprise & identified as Diamond Star Motors. The Talon was launched under the Eagle marquee, a product introduced by Chrysler to race with Japanese introduces in 1980s after procuring American Motors in 1988. The remaining two versions were the Laser which was launched by Chrysler brand, another Plymouth & Eclipse which was launched by Mitsubishi.

It’s Powertrains & Performance:
The Eagle Talon launched in 1995 & 1998 don’t have such great differences. Both have similar performances & powerstrains. Both the versions were launched with 1,996 cc 2 liters 4 in line front transverse engine with 87.5 mm bore, 9.6 compression ratio, 83 mm stroke, light alloy head, cast iron block, double overhead cam & 4 valves for each cylinder. They have unleaded fuel. But the fuel economy of Eagle Talon 1998 EPA on highway (1/100) is 7.1 whereas the fuel economy of Eagle Talon 1995 EPA highway (1/100) is 7.4. Both have multi point injection fuel system. The 1998 version has 64 liter fuel tank while 1995 has only 60 liter fuel tank. Both the engine produces power of 104 KW, 140 horsepower at the rate of 6,000 revolutions per minute; 130 ft lb, 176 Nm at the rate of 4,800 revolutions per minute.

It’s Characteristics:
All the vehicles were manufactured on the similar platform at the DSM producing plant in Illinois, Normal. All the models were almost similar including transmission, drivetrain & engine. Cosmetically, variations among all the vehicles were found in their tail lights accessibility of colors, wheels, spoilers, front & rear bumpers. Some common features of the Eagle Talon are hatchback, 2 doors and 2+2 seating (2 marginal & 2 frontage seats with inimitable back seats), Front wheel drive (FWD) for all option heights apart from the best option level, which had all wheel drive (AWD), 4 speed automatic transmissions or 5-speed manual, two shade color grouping, the car has a Hood bulge to give enough space for the camshaft sprockets/timing strap cover up on the 4G63 engine. But the base version DL didn’t installed with this engine but had a hump as clear in the 1992 Talon catalog. 2nd Generation cars, all of them had this type of hump, even with the addition of the 420A engine 

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