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The Mistubishi Eclipse was introduced to the American car buying market in 1990. The orignal Eclipse engine was four-cylinders, and then in 1991 they introduced the3000GT, which has a V-6. The 3000GT also came in a 300 horse power, turbo-charged, all-wheel drive version, which contrasted with the light and fast original Eclipse.

Manufactured in Normal, IL,at Diamond Star Motors, the original Mitsubishi Eclipse was nearl identical to the Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser in terms of body, with slight modifications to the Eclipse engine. In 1991 they began changing the styles, including imbedded headlights instead of pop-up lights, plus safety features like ABS brakes. Over the years there have been many modifications and improvements to the Mistubishi Eclipse engine, plus updated styles to meet today's standards for look and safety.

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2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse Engine Specifications:
Engine             ransmission                     Horsepower                                      Torque
3.8L v6            varies                                 265@5750                                          262@4500

Mitsubishi Eclipse Fuel Efficiency:
Here is an EPA estimate on the basic fuel efficiency of the 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse:

City  - 16

Hwy  - 24     

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