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In the year 1989 the Mitsubishi Diamante made its tremendous entry in the motor show in Tokyo. And in the next year it was available at the showrooms very easily. It truly replaced all the existing cars that were running at that time.

There is absolutely no window sashes, a hard top and 4 doors. It soon became a very popular car in Japan because of its cool looks and outstanding style and design.

The Mitsubishi Diamante was present in three different engines but the engine was of V6 type. The first engine available was of 2.0liter units, the second engine available was of 2.5liter units and the third engine was of 3.0 liter units. Most of the models of the Mitsubishi Diamante were available with 4 wheel drive which truly made it much powerful.

The second type of engine was of 6G73 version and the third engine was of 6G72 version. In the year 1995 the car was released again in Japan. This time the car was available in several different engines. One was the 2.5 liter unit engine which was of V6 type.

All the engines were of V6 type. Other engines were 3.0liter units of version 6G72 and 3.5liter units of version 6G74. The engines provided a power of around 270hp which is really very high. This made the car really sporty as it was able to reach high speed very fast as the engine was so much powerful.

The car was made as to be a low volume one. But the makers did not achieved their aim of making it small as when measures the Mitsubishi  Diamante was found even wider than almost 1600 mm, and thus high taxes were imparted on it further increasing its total cost.

The taxes were added on the Mitsubishi Diamante as the width of the car really exceeded the limit for which it was meant for. The level of luxury Mitsubishi Diamante was really very high. This was the main reason for its sales going up. The price was high but the comfort ability was great which attracted a number of buyers worldwide.

Although the added tax made its price much high but the buyers were truly very crazy about the car as the luxury was really tremendous. The luxury was the best part of the Mitsubishi Diamante. And because of this feature the car gained a lot of popularity all over the world.  

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