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Hindustan Motors introduced Mitsubishi MONTERO in India, which is the totally featured version of the International model of the Mitsubishi MONERO. The Mitsubishi MONTERO is really a car of a respected class. This car is only for the richer section.

The Mitsubishi MONTERO is truly powered by a very powerful engine. The engine of this cool car is of 3.2liter units. The engine is very much advanced and very powerful.

The engine of the Mitsubishi MONTERO consists of 16 valves. The engine of this great vehicle is a Diesel engine that is turbocharged and also inter-cooled. The engine of Mitsubishi MONTERO very truly produces a power of almost around 168PS.

The engine of Mitsubishi MONTERO can very easily provide rpm of around 3800 rpm. Also the torque that this engine can produce is 410 Nm and rpm of 2000 rpm.

The engine is truly equipped with injection Diesel system, which is controlled electronically. The engine is designed to give truly a very high torque and also to give a very comfortable ride to the buyers. The engine really provides a great drivability.

This car has an outstanding drivability, too good ride comfort, advanced features etc. All this makes this car the best among all the cars. The cost of the car is high so only richer section of people can afford this car.
Leather seat covers are fitted in the MONTERO. The interior in first look can impress any one in this world. The seats can be very easily adjusted and that too electronically. You just have to press a single button and you can easily adjust your seat automatically.

The display in the car truly provides the driver with number of useful things like the atmospheric pressure, altitude, internal temperature, external temperature, directions etc.

The seats of the back two rows can be very easily removed if the user is willing to carry something big with him. It’s not at all tough, you do not need a man, and a lady can easily do it without any difficulty. No special tools are required to do all this.

The air conditioner is also very good. It adds to the comfort of the car some more stars. The air conditioner is also an automatic one. The overall features of the car are really great and thus the price. The price ranges around $ 1, 00,000 to around $1.5, 00,000. So it is only affordable to the rich people.  

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