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In the segment of sedan the Mitsubishi GALANT truly became a very fine player. In this segment it is the best car and most of the buyers prefer the Mitsubishi GALANT among all the other cars. The interiors are great and the design is good.

The sport version of the Mitsubishi GALANT is also a very famous version. The car has an engine of 2.4-liter units. The engine of the Mitsubishi GALANT is fitted with four-cylinder. The car is small and hence its engine power is small which is almost around 160 hp. But the power this engine produce is much for the buyers not liking the sports cars.

The sports version has a V6 engine. The V6 engine of the sports version of the Mitsubishi GALANT is of 3.8liter units.  The engine can produce a power of almost around 230 hp, which is really very great. The engine also the car worth and thus attracts a large number of buyers.

The buyers looking for a sports car with low budget can easily go and buy this sports version with so much powerful engine at much low cast as buying a sports car need a large amount of money.
The range of power of the engine can go to the power of around 260 hp also. The sports version with good engine is available in both manual transmission and has 250feet pound of torque within it. This much power of the engine makes also an automatic transmission.

The presently existing model of Mitsubishi GALANT is available in engine of V6 type only. The engine is fitted with 4 cylinders. Alloy wheels are also added to this sports version of the Mitsubishi GALANT. The design is different. It has been given sports looks as the version is the sports version.

The Sport version with V6 engine is totally loaded with power of engine fitted with 6 cylinders and the audio system is also the most advanced one. Since the car is of sports version thus the alloys are added and the exterior styling is done very nicely.

The safety features include side airbags for the front seat and also disc brakes are also there providing it with an outstanding braking system.

The suspension of the sports version of the Mitsubishi GALANT is really very great as a very good suspension must be there in sports cars. The cabin is also design very nicely and also uniquely. Option for backlighting of blue color is also there. The seats are really very comfortable and can be very easily folded. 

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