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Rebuilt Engines

Americans are turning more frugal, and one new way to save money is by purchasing a rebuilt engine instead of a new car. Rebuilt engines can bring new life to an old automobile or truck, making it run like it just came off the showroom floor. With rebuilt engines, you'll get great performance, dependability, and save thousands compared to buying a new vehicle. is the place to find rebuilt engines motors you need, at prices that you simply will not believe. Our giant database is packed with reliable engines, plus we have a comprehensive online database to find any rebuilt motor for any make and model of automobile or truck. We can find you that rare engine for your classic automobile, or a rebuilt engine for your newer light body truck or SUV. Whatever you need, you'll find it here at

Benefits of a Rebuilt Engine

The biggest benefit of buying a rebuilt engine is the low price. Compared to a new engine or a new vehicle, the price of a rebuilt engine is dramatically lower. But, you won't compromise quality. Rebuilt engines still have the same dependability and performance of a new engine, but at a fraction of the cost. These aren't just some motors discovered in a junkyard; these are engines that meet the quality standards of today's vehicles. Beyond just getting a low price, there is
another benefit to getting a rebuilt motor, and that's the environmental advantage. By purchasing a rebuilt engine, you will bring new life to an old car that may have been headed to a landfill.

Buying a Rebuilt Engine

When you purchase a rebuilt motor, you need to be sure that you are getting the right motor that is compatible with your vehicle. Not all engines are the same, even for the same make and model of car. For example, an engine from a 94 BMW does not necessarily fit into your 94 BMW. Even with the same make of car, there can be slight variances in the engine types. can find you the exact engine you need. Simply call our friendly customer service department with the VIN number of the car that needs the rebuilt motor, and we'll find a replacement quickly and easily.

Who Will Install a Rebuilt Engine?

Not only does find you the precise rebuilt motor you need, but we'll ship it anywhere in the United States.

We can ship it to your home, or right to the service center! So, before purchasing the rebuilt motor, you may want to set up installation at a local mechanics shop. Note, an oil change shop or muffler shop won't be able to do the work. Find a licensed mechanic or service center that has the right tools and experience. Nearly all auto mechanic shops and dealerships can install a rebuilt engine. We recommend getting a written quote from the mechanic before having the used engine delivered to the installer. You don't want to be blindsided by costs at the last minute.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact today and get the exact rebuilt motor you need, for any make and any model. Call our friendly customer service center and we'll get the rebuilt motor quickly and easily.

Saving Money with a Rebuilt Engine

If you’ve read this far, we know that you’re serious about getting a used engine for your car or truck. We appreciate that you want to be sure you’re getting the best deal, so we’ll take some time to talk more about the economics of buying a rebuilt engine.

As we mentioned above, rebuilt engines—whether it’s a Chevy rebuilt engine, a rebuilt Toyota engine, a rebuilt Ford engine or a rebuilt Jeep engine—are tested and certified to work as good as new. This is especially true for engines that come from shops that are certified by the original equipment manufacturer.

So, right off the bat, you’re essentially getting a new engine for a little more than the price of a used engine. But in some cases, it’s even better than that. That’s because a rebuilt engine is tested and guaranteed to perform according to today’s standards. So, if you get a used 1995 Chevy truck engine that’s been rebuilt today, it’s going to be like getting a Chevy engine that rolled out of the factory this year, rather than an engine that was produced decades ago and then left in a warehouse. It’s going to be in compliance with any new environmental or emissions regulations that have been put in place since it was originally produced and it’s going to have the benefits of all the new tools, techniques and technologies used in todays rebuild shops.

Another alternative to buying new engines is buying rebuild kits. If you’ve got the skills, expertise, time and tools, this could save you money. But chances are, you don’t have the caliber of tools, equipment nor the experience that a professional engine rebuild shop does. The shops that rebuild our engines take the time to do things the right way with the right tools—in fact, they have to, since their reputation is on the line.

But there’s another important reason to buy a rebuilt engine: the warranty. Many of the rebuilt engines that you can get through come with a guarantee that it will perform reliably for 30 days, 60 days, a year, five years or more, depending on the certification. This not only protects you from the risks of rebuilding your own engine or having your engine serviced by a local repair shop, it could possibly pay you back twofold in the very near future. The vast majority of rebuilt engines stay reliable long after their warranty periods have expired, but if you get a five year warranty and the engine fails four years and 364 days later, you get a free repair or replacement.

So, bottom-line, with a rebuilt engine, you’re getting a like new engine for just a little bit more than a comparable used engine plus a warranty that guarantees its reliability.

That just makes sense to us, and we think you’ll agree.

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